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SUICAfilms lives of the hunger of going further in the narrative language. Limitless in shape and fearless in plot.

The project was born out of association of Rafa Molés and Pepe Andreu. Passionate for the documentary format and its expressive and social possibilities.

In addition to passion, they have an experience of over 19 years in the audiovisual industry and production of documentaries. From the public sector, they have contributed to the developing of barely exploited topics such as research or history.


  • Rafa Molés

    rafa-web2Filmmaker, Journalist and screenplay writer. Degree in Information Sciences and 19 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. In 2012 he received the “Journalist of the year” award in the III Edition of the Journalism Awards of Valencia. He is a teacher in the Communication Sciences Department of the Universitat Jaume I (Castellón).

    Director of the social report programme Societat Anònima of RTVV since 2011. In 2003 he co-founded the Research Team of the public television channel TVV-Canal 9. During that period, he participated in the production of 18 documentaries. Among them, La Falsa Comtesa (2008), about art black market; Dietes a tota pastilla (2007) which received the media award of the consumer federation of associations FACUA; L’ultim vol (2006), about Spanish prisoners in Peru; and Ventres de lloguer (2006), research on a network of surrogate mothers operated by a mafia from Lima and involving high medical spheres.


  • Pepe Andreu

    pepe-web3Filmmaker and producer. With a degree in Information Sciences (image and sound) he mounts 15 years of professional experience as a television producer as well as being the director of reports and documentaries. From 2007 to 2009, he was the unity head of the Promotion Department of RTVV.

    He has been the producer of Dossiers, the doyen programme of TVV-Canal 9, where he has participated in the production of different documentaries. Among them; La fàbrica de cadells (2010), about dog breeding farms in Slovakia and the illegal animal traffic across Europe; Buscant el Palau Reial (2010), which analysed the historical remains of the lost Royal Palace of Valencia; Esclaus de Hitler (2001), about the Valencian people recluded in the. In 2005 he directed the documentary named Mistèri d’Elx: les veus d’un poble, about the sacred work declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    In addition to being a producer in different editions of the news in Canal 9 and participate in many retransmissions, in 2010 the became the producer of Societat Anònima (Canal 9).